Petitions for Investigations into CDC Handling of Covid

  1. Petition to Convene a Special Grand Jury to Investigate the CDC’s Conduct During Covid-19
    Petition for Grand Jury Investigation
  2. Petition to Ask Key Congressmen to Formally Investigate the CDC’s Conduct
    Petition for Congressional Investigation
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More covid information can be found on Dr. Peter McCullough’s website: America Out Loud
Please sign the petitions and send everyone you know the links to them too. We must demand answers for the CDC’s misconduct and how they had such a deep impact on the handling of this pandemic.

This is LONG overdue. I will be glad to sign and forward to others.

Actually, I just attempted to find the petitions on his site but only see a podcast. Do you have direct links please?

The names of the petitions are the direct links. Did they not work for you? Here’s another link to the intro page. Please let me know if this one works. Grand Jury Petition