Private membership association

PMAs are lawfully existing entities that can protect you from state interference. No more asking permission from the state to live and breathe and do business.
Common PMAs: Republican and Democrat national committees, NAACP, Boy Scouts.
The state does not have jurisdiction in a Private agreement. Protected by constitution and supported by the most cited case law in American history (1600 times) Hale Vs Hinkle.

Independent healing hubs are being formed all across the country to try and brace for the fall out of these Covid restrictions that will break the healthcare system, and prevent many from accessing care, as we see in Colorados new executive order mandating that hospitals have the right to discriminate against unvaccinated and deny them care.

PMA videos are up on bitchute freedom angels, and more info on


Thank you for the info. At this point, we all need alternatives to the system. Today the elites are picking on the unjabbed, but it is not a stretch to image them picking on conservatives and any dissenters directly in the future. Plus if the elites try to pick on these PMAs through the courts, we can try to use the same rulings against them. I suspect none of the elites wants their books and actual records aired in the light of day.

For a parallel to the Colorado executive order to make segregation law, I lived in California and saw the degradation as I grew up. When I left recently, it was Bidenvilles all over the place and the homeless could do as they please without criminal charges. The cities had shanty towns reminiscent of those in Brazil. So in the same state as the WWII Japanese segregation camp Manzanar, we had elites and untouchables. Everyone else was a serf and punished by law and by society for demanding their God-given rights.

Take the advisement above and make some PMAs to get your needed services. Otherwise you are subject to the segregated system.


Haha! Not an intentional advertisement. I am not in business as a PMA writer. I am just so excited by this peaceful movement of non-violence and non-conformity to tyranny. We should have done it long ago.

This appears to be our way forward into a new nation within a nation, ALL FOR CHRIST THE KING.