Project to watch: start9

They offer a self hosted server that you can run web services your self. Think google services running in your home.

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Love the idea and would happily run my own system but past experience strongly suggests it isn’t as simple as portrayed. Setting up the server sounds simple enough but sounds like a lot more work to setup the rest, plus porting over current websites.

Sounds interesting. As a current self-hoster, I like the idea of getting self-hosting mainstream but I am skeptical that there is the right niche of users who see the value in something like this but lack the technical chops to implement it themselves with existing technology. Would like to see a few “killer apps” that justify its existence to normal people.

I’ve been keeping my eye on . In reality, most of these projects will not gain adoption but there is no stopping the idea of a decentralized internet. I predict a truly decentralized internet won’t be here until 10-15 years from now. This technology is fairly new.

I think the decentralized internet was the original internet. Web 2.0 took over and centralized the internet because the general population prefers easy to use over decentralized. The race to make things easier has resulted in a population that is technologically illiterate with no signs of that really improving.


I suspect that Start9 might be way overcharging since you can get a Raspberry P 4 full desktop computer starter kit for $115.

That’s not how it works. It’s open source. You can buy your own PI and install their OS yourself, or if you prefer you can have them send you a device with everything installed for you. Just depends on how much effort you want to put into it.

They already have bitwarden for password management, mastedon for your own personal twitterish space, matrix/element for personal chat. There is much more to come including an open office instance. That’s besides all the bitcoin support the device provides. It’s all hosted by you, runs over tor. No intermediary servers for any of the services.

Well, there is certainly value in having to do less yourself…