Public schools - the new abortion clinics?

I’ve been thinking about the longstanding practice of Christian protest outside abortion clinics, with established legal protections. Now that Woke gender ideology pervades the public schools, I wonder if it might be time for brave activists to start employing the “abortion clinic” playbook outside schools, welcoming any publicity and controversy this creates.

I envision a free pamphlet on “Gender and the Body” handed out to 12+ year-old kids at 3 pm, laying out in simple terms the Christian/traditional view of the body (God-given, male and female, geared toward loving and fruitful marriages and children) versus the Woke view of the body (26 genders, pansexuality) that they’re already learning every day. This subject is usually taught under the radar, in classroom discussions, so parents have no clue what their child is being told or how pervasive postmodern gender ideology is at school.

The pamphlet could explain that all major religions view the body and sexuality as sacred: “Ask your parents what your family’s religious tradition teaches about men and women, sex, and marriage.” It would accurately characterize Woke gender ideology as a brand-new pseudo-religion that has nothing hopeful to offer and nothing to do with their own family/cultural history, whether Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, etc.

Liberal parents and teachers would go ballistic about Christians standing outside public schools trying to “indoctrinate” their children about sex and gender. But this is exactly what the school is already doing within its walls, aggressively, and many parents would understand that and appreciate some pushback. It would, as they say, launch a national conversation.

I think this is a fantastic idea. It’s important for good parents to get off the sidelines and be more aggressive in their counter against the indoctrination of our children at the K-12 level.


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This is great. We need to fundamentally change the narrative around schools. Today, few parents would let their 10-year-old walk 30 minutes back and forth from school each day. Yet they should realize that this hour is far less dangerous than the 6 hours he spends at the school between the walks.

The left managed to brand some institutions—most notably the Catholic Church—as fundamentally dangerous to children. We should be able to do the same with public schools (which, even aside from ideology, have at least as high a rate of conventional sexual abuse as churches too).


Thank you, Nate! I have a good friend who teaches a course on gender and the body at a Catholic college, and I’d be willing to write a first draft of the pamphlet, with her input. I’d like my own kids to read it, frankly.

Here’s a good site to draw on as a resource:

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