Publishing Job Opportunties

A variety of jobs are open at Baker Publishing ranging from publicist to summer intern. Most jobs are based in Michigan or Minnesota and allow for some remote work.

Baker is considered the last “conservative” Christian publisher, and for the most part that is true, but they have slowly succumbed to some progressive influence. This is a great opportunity for those with markeing/publishing expertise (or who are seeking it) to help steer the ship. Please share with other people who might be interested!


I visited the Baker Book house in Grand Rapids a month or two ago and I was severely disappointed with their selection. In essence, maybe 1-2 shelves of solid books and a good used section. The majority were either woke, heretical, or prosperity adjacent. Looking at the events they had flyers for were also troubling.

Visiting the Reformation Heritage Books down the road was a breath of fresh air.

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