Quant / Platform Developer

We are developing a new type of network—a digital commonwealth. First, unlike dominant networks today, which lack purpose (and simply optimize for “engagement”) or advance dubious ends, its governance will be designed to advance the good of its members. Second, it will be built on a distributed credentialing system—a system designed to reveal and organize high-quality judgments from users of the network.

You will play a key role in creating this network, helping design and implement the algorithms that shape it. These will include a range of reputation models and incentive/rewards models. Many components of this will resemble financial or derivative markets and credit algorithms, so at least some familiarity with these and adjacent space (eg betting markets, other reputation models) is valuable.

Because of the early stage, your role will go beyond typical quant development to platform architecture—and with the right experience you may immediately play a senior role. Because of this, in-person collaboration will be critical, and the role will be based in Dallas.


  • Passion for technology, software development, and mathematics
  • Proficiency with at least one, but ideally multiple programming languages. Python, Rust, or Solidity preferred, and ideal candidates would also possess working knowledge of JavaScript-based libraries such as React.
  • Familiarity with Distributed Computing, Platform Development, Networking, and System Design
  • Exceptional quantitative and analytical skills
  • Strong written and verbal communications skills
  • Understanding of the Open Source development ethos and familiarity with the Crypto world (and open-mindedness on how to approach it) preferred

The most important thing is a deep passion for our mission and drive to build a new—and far more powerful—network that helps organize and empower others drawn to it.

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