Quick hello to introduce myself Entrepreneur/Investor/Family Foundation

Apologies in advance if this is not the place to simply say hello. Recently completed my profile and wanted to just introduce myself and say "Thank you and Congratulation to Nate, for creating such a valuable and needed forum. I look forward to meeting and hopefully finding ways to support and or work with some of you.

I’m looking for talent to operationalize a small family foundation and open to discussion with anyone interested. Also so some angel investing.

Willing to try to chat/try to help anyone who may benefit from my background and experience (start ups, marketing, entrepreneurship, raising capital, payment processing, international / cultural ).


Welcome, Katherine! 100% concur with your sentiments to Nate. Best wishes for successes in your new endeavor.


Hello, Katherine! I work with www.americanphilanthropic.com and would be happy to connect with you re the foundation. You can reach me through my profile.


Hi Katherine, good to connect with you in this forum. Will keep my eyes open for those who might be able to assist with your venture!


Thank you very much. Assembling the right team is key, and I’d be most grateful for any introductions.

Absolutely it is. It’s all about the people in any organization. Are there roles or specific skillsets that are an immediate need?