Ready to jump ship! Conservative communications pro seeking new remote senior leadership role

After 20+ years in consumer communications covering mostly CPG (consumer packaged goods), publishing, and nonprofits, I certainly have some stories to tell. But, things in this industry have gotten too progressive and liberal for this conservative single mom of three. My current role as a senior communications department head for a large NYC nonprofit has gotten the best of me— actually, it has taken a toll on my mental and physical health. My job requires me to spend my days immersed in the very ideologies that I’m morally opposed to, and I’m sick over it. I’m having trouble finding a role that doesn’t require more of the same from the nonprofit sector, and the competition for the for profit sector is fierce. Factor in that I am living with neurological disabilities that are similar in nature to multiple sclerosis and need to work remotely (open office environments where I can’t control sound, light, temperature, etc can trigger my daily migraines, and I have chronic nerve pain that makes it difficult to stay seated in an office setting all day), and my job search has been a challenge. I’m the sole provider for my 3 kids and need the health insurance my current job offers, so I’m stuck there until I find something. I’m eager to find a conservative company that is open to hiring remote staff in a senior level role. I have experience working with big brands, Fortune 500 companies, and have managed dispersed and localized teams. My resume is available on LinkedIn at
Even if you don’t have a lead, I still welcome the professional connection!

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