Searching for USA Wholesale Craft supply makers

I took over managing a small local craft supply store just 3 years ago when the original owner died from cancer. Since then, I’ve been looking for American made craft suppliers to support and sell through my store. Also not wanting to support any business that tries to force their employees to get the covid vaccine.
I’m in need of someone that makes sturdy, hypoallergenic jewelry findings of all types and colors. Someone that spins and hand dyes yarn. BEADS! I sell a lot of beads in my shop, so someone capable of making glass and ceramic beads would be AWESOME. Thank you.


Have you checked out Corey’s Digs website? There’s also

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I and other t-shirt designers/printers I know are interested in getting wholesale t-shirts for screenprinting from a completely US-based supply chain.

As a separate issue, I’m also looking for a good replacement for eBay and Etsy marketplaces. I have been pointed to a few, but as they all seem to be small now, I’m trying to collect all of them to see which ones are worth my time to try listing on.


I used to sell on Amazon & Ebay. So I still have some connections in the business. I like SOS From Texas You can’t get any more American than this company. They even grow the organic cotton. It’s manufactured here in the USA & they sell wholesale organic tees & shirts.

Thank you!!! This is the kind of thing I was looking for. Just passed this on to another t-shirt designer who was very happy to hear it too.

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US clothing makers are great. Thank you to all that have shared places of clothing. However, I need CRAFT suppliers. Jewelry findings like ear wires and jump rings as well as beads, beads and beads. Glass beads, Metal beads, bone beads, wood beads, even some acrylic beads. Charms of various material types are also highly wanted.
I have found a couple USA gemstone suppliers so I’m actually good on that front but I definitely need a bead supplier or 2.
Thank you


That’s so cool that you’re focusing on USA-made craft supplies! Does your store have a website?

For yarn, you can check out ECHO : Search results for Yarn - ECHO Bookstore and Nursery. I don’t know all the details, but I think it’s made in the USA!

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Thank you for your feedback. I checked out their website but they don’t have the types of yarns I would need for my customers. Plus, we have local hand dyed yarn suppliers where I live. I do have a business website at I still don’t have everything that’s in my shop on the website yet as it’s been just myself trying to work on it and I’m not proficient with technology. I’m also taking over where the previous owner had left off and attempting to get away from all the products from China. This has proven to be highly difficult when it come to jewelry findings, basic beads and cost efficiency.
Even more difficult when my rent has quadrupled over this past year. Yes, I said quadrupled and I do mean literally.

Quadrupled?! Wow!
I love that you’re working to supply craft items not made in China; it seems like a lot of craft stores are overrun with items made in the CCP.
Planning to check out your website!

I can imagine it’s difficult. I do a lot of crafts things for fun and can’t remember when I last saw a package of crafts materials that was not “made in China”. What kind of beads do you mean by “basic”? All I ever used was rocaille beads and I don’t have any great ideas for a rocaille bead factory. But I think there are a lot of rockhounds around with machining supplies if you are thinking of beads made from semiprecious stones.

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I’m mostly looking for a wholesale supplier that makes the jewelry findings. Things like ear wires, jump rings, clasps, and other similar items.

I spin yarn, but don’t dye it. I live in a small space, so I’m not able to dye. I could refer friends who are spinners, dyers, weavers, knitters and crocheters, but they are Liberals. Friendship is limited to fibers and being friendly, but I feel strained. I do not speak freely with them. I think they would not be helpful to the New Founding/Align values. I have some very small antique brass beads that I don’t have any use for them. I don’t do bead work. I think they are antique. Would you be interested?

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I’d be interested in seeing what beads you have. What type of yarn do you spin? Is it cotton, wool, merino? I have a fair group of ladies that are looking for merino yarn in different thicknesses. When it comes to the dying process, I might be able to talk to a couple local ladies here that dye yarn for a living but they only currently work with wool.

I spin merino, camel, angora rabbit, llama, alpaca. The skeins I have are all one-ply. I have not gotten into plying the yarns to make them thicker. I started spinning a few years ago. I am trying to photograph the beads. They are very small. Trying to see if I can magnify them with a lens to photograph them. I live in Virginia. Where do you live?

Thank you!


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That’s great. I live in Hoquiam Washington. My e-mail is [email protected] You can send your pictures to me there and we can discuss more. Thank you.