Seattle, WA - Where have you gone?

Looking for others out there who love Seattle, and don’t recognize it anymore!

I loved Seattle when I visited in the late 90’s. But with recent (and even not so recent) move to super progressive policies it has become a place that not only would we not consider moving to, but we don’t even consider visiting. It is such a beautiful area (despite the rainy weather) and worthy of bringing our kids to hike and experience all the Pacific Northwest has to offer. But hard to bring my family and my $$$’s to that area. Opportunity for a conservative tourism industry?

Hello! I’ve lived in the greater Seattle area for almost 15 years. The cloudy winters are tough for me, but friends, summers, and mountain views keep me going! The political situation seems to be going downhill fast, and the mandates might not be tolerable for much longer. There seem to be a couple good state representatives left, but they are really outnumbered.

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