Severance Day - Perfectly aligned feature film

“Put that coffee down, coffee is for closers only”

Remember that one?

Although this account is generally dedicated to the Newtown project, today’s post is a personal one, about an exciting opportunity in film, with my developed feature-film project, Severance Day. If you are a fan of films like Glengarry Glen Ross, The Big Short, Michael Clayton and similar great films, please, read on.


Severance Day is an intense dramatic thriller set in the world of high finance where a group of office workers will try to steal hundreds of millions from their corporate masters. Their plan goes awry when office politics, social issues and paranoia begin to interfere.

Severance Day is dialogue-driven and inspired by the aforementioned classics, and there is no nudity or violence of any kind as the heist is an electronic one.

This project is heterodox and aligned to the bone. The market conditions for thrillers are always excellent, year in and year out, the demand for them always outweighs the offer by 20%. Since the heterodox audience is massive and aligned culture at large is still slim pickings, this opportunity couldn’t have better timing.

The film is developed, which means a company is set up, we have a finished script, the production budget is $3.3M CDN and our tax credits are calculated at 30%.


The grade A team I have assembled so far consists of the following:

  • John Traver - Emmy-Award winning cinematographer
  • Pino Halili - owner of Post City, a full-fledge post-production facility
  • Christos Evangelou - colorist using Hollywood grade coloring platform
  • François Jolin - music composer with 20 years of experience and a roster of clients from the biggest companies in entertainment
  • Steve Baine - sound and foley artist, who created sounds for some of the biggest film directors in Hollywood including Tarantino, Rodriguez, DiPalma, Bay, Aronofsky, and more.

We are also in talks with Doug Wilkinson, an Oscar-winning post-production supervisor. T.J Troy, Grammy-Award-winning percussionist who will work with François, and Mary-McDonald Lewis, veteran voice actress and dialect coach who will instill accents and flavour into our dialogue.

Business Model

The project is structured using a typical independent film business model where each investor is given point(s), out of a pool of 100, according to the size of the investment and earnings are distributed through a reputable collecting agency, which renders the disbursement process transparent and easily verifiable.

Click on the link below the picture to visit our website where you can read our solid investment package. I believe you will be pleased by our thorough marketing strategy and the wide reach of our long-term distribution plan. You can also watch our teaser trailer, and my latest short film, Final Exam, as a sample of my earlier work.

Now is our time

There was a great discussion here on the need to create aligned culture and entertainment

With Severance Day, there is an opportunity to directly take part in the making of aligned culture and to get our voices heard as our characters represent us. The film also tackles the overzealous culture of political correctness, ESG, CRT and the social ills of our time in a hard-hitting manner. At its core, Severance Day is an entirely relatable story, most of the co-conspirators lost everything in the financial crisis of 2008, which is something a great many people can understand, and perhaps identify with. The relatability is supported further through the main themes explored namely freedom of expression, meritocracy, and a fair but free market.

Woke culture has become prevalent and we are on the cusp of a new era of culture, one that stays true to its purpose. The market conditions are utterly perfect, the competition is minuscule, and there are hundreds of millions of people waiting for entertainment such as Severance Day. This is a chance to create the type of culture we wish to consume while making a great profit out of it, and defunding woke capital in the process.

If this is an opportunity that piques your interest, I invite you to read and watch the material made available as well as share it with friends and colleagues, who might be interested in this opportunity to support free cultural expression while investing in viable entertainment content.

Thank you for your time, and I welcome any questions you may have.



This is an exciting project! The need for non-woke culture/entertainment can’t be understated and this film looks to provide a much-desired alternative to the woke nonsense that Hollywood continues to produce. I look forward to seeing it progress

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Sounds exciting…bring it!


Thank you for your enthusiasm Sara. May I ask you to keep it in mind should you come across people who might be interested and share it with them?