SF Bay Area Connections

I’m a pastor in Sunnyvale, interested in finding out who might be nearby. A few ideas for making connections:

  • School - My kids are part of a hybrid school in Santa Clara, and I’m doing a bit of teaching too.
  • Business - any alternatives for common shopping or services? Any tradespeople or professionals who might benefit from connecting a bit?
  • Kids & families
  • Books or continuing education - it seems that other places have lots of reading groups, classes and that sort of thing, why not here?

Good evening Calvin, just wanted to introduce myself, my law firm is in San Francisco and I live in Sacramento. Happy to strategize on the issues you posted on if you want to chat sometime. There is a lot to do for us holding out in California, but we might as well starting doing things to figure out what will work for people.


Tony Francois

Hey Tony! Great to meet you. I agree that there is lots to do. Any suggestions about where to start?

Hi Calvin, sorry for dropping the conversation. Let me know if you want to talk sometime about what you are working on. Happy to share what we are trying to do. We are not sure how long our tenure will be in California, but for the time being this is our mission, so we are trying to do it.