Simple line animator needed

We would like to establish an ongoing working relationship who can so simple line animations such as these. We are looking for someone with an artistic flair and good sense of overall creative production.

Please see my other post for a fuller description of the context of the work. We are developing a Shared Services Platform for public service oriented content creators.


Responding to your line animator position.
I’m a Graphics Designer, Patent Illustrator, Technical Illustrator and life long Artist. while I don’t have any work reflecting the above video sample, it would certainly be easy enough to create.

I did write and illustrate a Children story being sold in Amazon. Here’s the link.

Can also forward my resume which primarily for DOD (Dept of Defense) Technical Documentation which is not what you’re looking for, but will show severe experience with documentation in general.
Appreciate your time and hope you hear from you.

Ed Perez

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Yes I would love to connect and learn more about your background. Let’s do that in the new year. Could you kindly send an email to [email protected] with your resume.

Your book looks adorable - and well done!