Stand Up Michigan launching a new Freedom Healthcare System database

I’m going to share this here because this is very much in the vein of what New Founding is trying to do, targeted specifically at Michigan. Stand Up Michigan, if you don’t know, is the organization that led a successful petition effort to invalidate the primary emergency powers law Whitmer was using, and they continue to hold anti mandate rallies and meetings. From their email today:

"Over the past year, we’ve been encouraging our followers to hold the line, keep standing with us, and stay strong!

We have also been encouraging the development of alternative health and education systems.

BREAKING NEWS! A new Freedom Healthcare System is emerging in Michigan! A new web-based platform is about to launch! This web-based platform is working to develop a parallel health network in Michigan and is now accepting requests from providers to post their practices and businesses as well as healthcare workers seeking alternative employment opportunities that respect personal healthcare choices.

If you are a healthcare provider, email: [email protected] with your healthcare training and area you are located, to request access to the database being built. Likeminded health professionals will gain access to a referral network and be able to post job offerings. Soon patients will be able to search for providers near them and healthcare workers like yourselves can find employment where patient care comes before profits.

We have been standing and fighting with a group of Frontline Doctors in the state of Michigan over the past year, and our collective fight is now culminating in an exciting opportunity for Michiganders!"


This right here. Wonderful news.

I hope those initiating this are preparing messaging and whatever legal support is needed so that more providers can feel confident going public. If it is successful they will come after it, and providers who aren’t prepared can lose a lot. It has to be done, just be prepared.

Some will be stupid partisan criticism, which folks just have to get over. We all need thick skin. But we can’t be thick headed. One easy to anticipate line of attack they will use is finding a bad health outcome (covid or whatever) for one of the providers, then they’ll tie it to the whole network, then this coverage will be used for regulatory pressure or bills that will sound compassionate but will be written to force providers into compliance.

Definitely proceed! But do the advance strategic work to protect members.


We need this, Michigan! And the doctors and nurses forming this alternative healthcare system need our support.


Great!! Anyone want to do NY? I can help.

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I’m sure you know about where they offer medical advice, legal help and telemedicine to all. I think you should also contact Dr. Jack Krause because he’s also looking to establish a health freedom service – his contact is

You may have that address wrong - at least, there is nothing at that URL, just a parked domain.

We need this to go Nationwide!

Sorry, it’s