Starting an online store. Tips?

Hey all!
I’m beginning to sell a product I’ve created (Stopper Keeper), but I don’t want to give business to woke e-commerce platforms (e.g. Shopify). Any recommendations for an online store?

Or if you have an alternative idea than using an online store, I’m all for it. My first time.


Hi @tarmezan , first off I wanted to say looking through the process was very cool and hats off for getting a correctly sized prototype from Blender on the first go! As to your question, sites like Squarespace have integrated store functions (you might have to pay extra for it) (Wix does too but their api that doesn’t integrate Shopify is super finicky) or alternatively have you considered either digital co-ops or finding a couple indie coffee shops? Usually they’re willing to carry cool unique items like this. Hope this helps


Thanks @port916 … I’ll check out Squarespace. I’ve never heard of digital Co-Ops. I’ll look into that today. As to local coffee shops, that would be my favorite route, because I prefer to meet and chat with my local roasters. I might see if RedBand in Davenport would want to sell these.

Thanks for the advice and info!

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Idk if “co-op” is the right word but if you look at the model of like Huckberry or MadeTrade, that’s the concept I’m referring to.

1 Like now has a marketplace similar to Facebook. Sales are picking up nicely so you might make sure & use it to sell items. You can also advertise w/Gab as your business picks up.

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