Support Local Homeschool Co-Ops

The idea of nation-wide cooperation here is encouraging. Another benefit from these new institutions -local and college level- comes from how total their break with the public schools are. Local groups are free to try new teaching methods/curricula, see what brings out the best in students, and proliferate it through that parallel education system.


Do you think parents would join a discord for homeschooling with parents all around the world? Sharing resources, selling, organizing?

I love that idea!!! But you know, it can be hard to find like minded people who want to support homeschooling, I was homeschooled, and try to give back by teaching in a local community, but it’s difficult considering that there are mom’s out there who feel entitled to " the best" of everything and don’t see any value in reaching out to others. I was not raised that way, helping your friends and neighbors was always more important than any academic endeavor. But sadly, it’s hard to align with others who don’t have that view.

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There are some homeschool groups on Gab worth checking out too. :grinning: