Texas: How it is

Whether you’re new or you’re a local, Texas has a way of feeling like home. With broad cultural epicenters sprinkled throughout, this state is larger than the country of France, who sold their northern share of the lone star state in the Louisiana Purchase. With a history of strong willed inhabitants, let’s just say—not much has changed.

With its peculiar shape branded on everything from belt buckles, to charm bracelets, and the infamous hotel waffle iron, it’s not easy to find things that haven’t been signed, sealed, and delivered by the state’s signature.

Where have we been? Where are we going? What continues to shape the diverse story of this land? This is a place to share all things Texan. Our story is still being told.


Texans are great! Just arrived here last year.
I just want to point something out regarding voting for all.The ballots can be watermarked and the paper itself should be bought from a small provider where the paper can be counted.
Also the ballots should have ink that comes from a small provider NOT China or other countries.
Manuscript experts can be hired to validate ballots.They are experts in finding fakes.


I am pointing this out to all who are on this platform and was giving out these ideas on Twitter when I was deplatformed.
I was trained in forensic document analysis by the assistant Librarian of The Library of Congress,Professor Broderick and though I am NOT an expert in this subject I know some of the ideas.