The Blockchain "Metaverse(s)"

I recently discovered some blockchain-based “virtual reality” platforms which various artists, businesses, and other individuals appear to be using for very interesting virtual art/commerce projects. One such place is the Cryptovoxels “metaverse”, based on the ethereum blockchain: You can access and “walk around” this metaverse anonymously without setting up an account.

It’s hard to describe the whole of what the metaverse is. It’s a sort of a virtual reality in that the world is accessible only through technology and only exists on the blockchain, but it’s much closer to “reality” than it is a game, in that users are interacting with the world and other people as themselves and trading real assets (i.e. crypto currencies and NFTs) instead of “in-game currencies”.

It seems like this platform/world can be put to virtually limitless conceivable purposes. I’ve seen and/or heard of people using this platform for art galleries, storefronts for real world commercial entities or service providers, nft markets, concerts, meeting rooms (as an alternative to zoom), among many other things. An added advantage of this platform existing on the blockchain is that it’s decentralized, and to my knowledge thus virtually un-censorable, so we need not fear that lefty big tech overlords would have the ultimate power to de-platform us at will.

I think this kind of platform represents a fascinating opportunity for a community like ours to grow, attract new people, conduct business, be creative, promote our ideas and values, etc.

I’d love to hear if anyone else is interested in exploring this platform and discussing creative ways for our community to use it. Please respond to this post or DM me and we can set up a time to “take a walk” through the metaverse together.