This site is fantastic, very well rounded for such early adoption

I was sent this site to check out, and decided to sign up just to see what it’s about. Immediately during sign up, I was pleasantly surprised at the lack of requirement for real name, phone number, or publicly identifying information. As someone who tries new and unknown sites out regularly, I’m cautious as to where I spread my information.

Beyond that, reading and reacting to the forums has features that even some sites 10 magnitudes higher don’t have: great UX for replying, liking, bookmarking (even with reminders at a later date), etc.

Fantastic job New Founding and keep up the great work.


Realized after the fact that they’re running Discourse, but nevertheless still great.


We are, and we’ve added a lot of nice touches that I can see you appreciate.

Stay tuned. I think you’ll be pleased with what’s next. :slight_smile: