Thoughts on EventBrite?

Hi All,
I’ve noticed lots of conservative outlets use EventBrite for event tickets and reservations. Took a quick look at their socials and don’t see anything too political, but the fact that one corporation owns access to people’s email addresses, full names, and attendance records at various events is slightly concerning to me. Anyone know whether Eventbrite corporate is friendly, and whether there are small-scale alternatives?

I’ve used Eventbrite for work related events and found it easy to use. They have, however, pulled free and paid tickets for conservative events in the Austin TX area, specifically the Stop the Steal rally. Many showed up anyway, as word gets around. I like Eventbrite because it’s free and pretty intuitive to use. I don’t, however, support their censorship of conservative events.

I don’t know how it is, but there’s also brushfire.

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Eventbrite cancelled an event in the Austin area on Jesus, the Gospel and America. Yikes! So much misinformation potential.

WHOA any articles on it??

No, I don’t think so. I’m sure all the speakers have made right wing watch a few times, and proceeds were going to Jan 6 prisoners. In full disclosure, my husband is one of the speakers.

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Well I think that we need to consider finding a good alternative to Eventbrite for the Align list!!!