Thread on the Parallel Economy - New Organizations and Opportunities on the Right

Orignal thread posted on Twitter by SearchRight: whose mission is to provide information and job listings from Patriotic, Conservative, and Non-Woke companies. Visit the Website and Job Board Here:

There’s a movement on the right to build new things. Conservatives and those tired of wokeness in our culture are fighting back. Here’s some insight into what’s being created and why this is a good thing

For decades Republicans and the right have accepted a hands-off approach when it comes to politics in our culture. On the left however, progressives have successfully implemented their influence in nearly every major organization and institution

It’s obvious that a woke ideology sprung from leftist universities now infects everything from the media and Hollywood to corporate boards, tech companies, and nearly everywhere else you look. The end result is that Americans are suffering in the name of social justice

What’s Happening Now? Although discouraging the state of things, positive signs indicate a better way forward is attainable. For one, Red States are booming. Demographic shifts, economic vibrance, and policies of freedom prove that conservative ideas are winning

Important figures like Elon Musk and Joe Rogan expose the ruling class. They offer ideas and action that counters the narratives from our establishment. Their massive influence and audience highlight the desire for free speech.

Major Bitcoin adoption is a good sign for the right. The technology itself is inherently against the elites and regime. It proves mass appeal exists for an alternative ecosystem that promotes freedom and individual sovereignty

The Opportunity: We have a unique chance to win in ways that most conservatives have never seen. There’s a long-overdue movement on the right now that pushes conventional ideas and encourages republicans to take action rather than playing defense

You may already be familiar with some endeavors to build a parallel economy. Leading the way has been The Daily Wire with their efforts to produce new entertainment and more recently brands like Jeremy’s Razors.

Read this explanation from @JeremyDBoreing on the need to build new a better future Stop Giving Your Money To Corporations That Hate You – And Start Building a Better Future | The Daily Wire

Another well-known company fighting censorship that’s made significant progress is Rumble. They’ve acquired Locals which both provide better options for video content. Read more about their mission to support free speech: A Personal Note from the CEO of Rumble, Chris Pavlovski | Rumble

One of the first and most successful alternatives is Gab. They’re entirely detached from the current system. Particularly interesting is their recent announcement of the “parallel economy fund” The Parallel Economy Fund – Gab News

An organization building the foundation for a new economy is New Founding. Their goal is to create a digital commonwealth for conservatives and patriotic Americans. Listen to this recent interview with New Founding’s President for a deeper explanation on their ideas @docMJP: “Building on the Right” with Matthew Peterson, President of New Founding | Anchoring Truths

As conservatives get more serious about rejecting woke companies, networks are needed to provide the connections and information for finding better options. PublicSq is a social media site that brings together freedom-loving Americans.

Another network designed to help patriotic Americans connect is Freedom Square with the mission to unite over our Constitution, Liberty, and Freedom

In addition to these organizations, here are some Twitter accounts you should follow that expose woke capital and promote a parallel economy:

The right has the opportunity to not only build alternatives but to create a better economy led with conservative values. With the correct political leadership, Red states can foster an ecosystem where woke capital is extinguished and based companies can thrive.

@SearchRightJobs aims to be the best platform for finding job opportunities and information on the parallel economy. Our mission is to help connect freedom-loving Americans with organizations who share their beliefs

If you are seeking to find a better place to work please follow us. If you’re an organization that aligns with one mission, please reach out. And if you have any suggestions, ideas, or feedback don’t hesitate let us know #paralleleconomy

This is a great solution! Wish this was around a couple years ago.

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Great roundup! Unofficially @newtownculture is partnering with the National Center which runs the Free Enterprise Project and Stop Corporate Tyranny. While both organizations have the same goal, Newtown is specific to culture, thus complementing their effort as theirs lie more in the corporate world.

Strength in numbers!

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