Very Low Cost Space Access

This will either roll your eyes, scare you off or blow your mind. Perhaps a little of each. I have designs for a space craft that will allow low cost and much safer access to space. The startups are also extremely low at around $20 million for first flight to low earth orbit. For those that are unaware, this is extremely low even for the standard aviation side of aerospace. The design is 100% reusable with turn around times in the hours. The cost to low earth orbit will come in at less than $20 per lbs and around $10k per person. These are revolutionary numbers not just for those interested in space access but also to here on earth where so many things like manufacturing, mining and energy would change. The potential revenue for this is off the charts. Potentially the first multi-trillionaires would come out if this. I have developed a rough business plan and have several ideas on how to implement this. The question I have for you is how? In depth, a lot of things have to be brought to the table of reality on this. The moment I introduce something like this the world will be doing everything to copy and abuse the idea. Specifically, China being the biggest threat. It will be the greatest rush to opportunity in the history of humanity. I also have concerns over the lefts influence in attempting to control it like they do most of tech. I am also a middle class American and would require a team to put this together. I think if I had the right team, the funding would come. So how do I do this? How do you get such an idea off the ground knowing all the realities that will have to be faced?

this does sound far fetched. You will first need to get patents for you designs if you haven’t already. This will at least protect you under US and international law. Then you should pitch your business model to some venture capitalists like Thiel or others like him. Or if you don’t want to deal with actually building a space business you could sell designs/patent rights to Boeing or SpaceX and make a nice profit. Good luck

I would have already done that by now if my interests were just to make money. There is a much bigger picture to be seen here. Imagine a gold rush millions of times bigger than what we have ever seen. It will change everything in our lives. I have no interest in just selling it to the wrong hands. This must be done right. I had thought about Peter Thiel. I’m not sure even if getting somebody to sign an NDA is enough to trust. At some point the right team is what it will most likely take. Then the pitch happens. You get an engineer with good credence on the team and the investors would line up.

I also will most likely only get patents on obvious IP. The patent system can be used for theft just as much as for protection. Compartmentalization of IP will be more effective in most of the technology as long as I can keep the FAA out of my business.

I’m not quite sure how to go about it. There are many problems to solve with a venture like this, many questions to answer.
It seems to me you would want your own launch site and possibly your own recovery zone as well. Perhaps they can be combined. But I think such a site or sites would have to be located somewhere sufficiently “off the radar” for the project to proceed and succeed with as little interference as possible. Rocket launches aren’t easy to conceal. Or does your technology involve something other than rockets?
I’ve been intrigued by the concepts of low-cost space travel, of space travel in general, since following the Gemini and Apollo programs as a boy. I’m definitely curious about what you’ve come up with.
Have you or do you have in progress a proof-of-concept model? I’m pretty sure you’ll attract interest if you can get something flying.
I certainly understand the need for confidentiality. But I’d love to see some of what you’ve come up with.

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Hello Mr. Hobbs,

Thank you for your interest. I have a few concepts I am always working towards. I am gravitating towards some sort of modified crowd funding with open incentive towards investment. If that were not to work out I also have other ideas. The biggest threat is to not be able to hit the ground running. I think you understand this.

The vehicle itself does not require a special launch pad. It is full VTOL with very low impact on the environment. It is not conventional but it is a modified version of several technologies that have been used. I have tested various components of the system individually but have not had the funding to build an entire craft.

The main reasoning is not that I couldn’t put together something smaller or on the cheap. The reasoning is purely strategic in understanding how significant this is. If you understand the tragic reality of most inventors it becomes clear a much bigger picture. Not in the hopes of control over the intellectual property itself, but that the effects of such a technological change will have on society. This must be used for what is good and right. I at the very least have this responsibility.

A simple break down if my total startup costs are around $20 million. The cost of each craft is only around $1 million. The bulk of the cost is in land, hangar and manufacturing. Machining and fabrication equipment is around $7 million. Labor for the entire infrastructure is around a $3 million. Labor for each craft is included in the $1 million cost of each craft. Fixtures for fabrication and machining are an additional $3 million. With another $3 million each for building and operating cost. This may be a lot of money to most including myself. In terms of aerospace and specifically the space side of it, this is very little. The even greater news is that I could get everything going for around $500k. This implying I would be able to quit my current job, sell everything and dedicate myself full time. Doing so would allow me to save a lot by sweat equity in finding deals on things like equipment or putting up the hangar myself. This would require my relocation to Texas as this would be the selling point to convince my wife:). Texas is also one of the few places that would make it a lot easier to happen in regards to infrastructure, bypassing bureaucracy and over regulation. By doing so after moving and selling everything off I would then be able to move on site and live low cost off the investments. This would give me enough to buy food and medical for the family. That $500,000 tipping point would not guarantee a launch time soon, but would at least grant me full time dedication. The closer I get to that reality I feel would also invite more investment. Especially the closer I get to inevitably.