Vice President of Marketing & Growth

New Founding is hiring a Vice President of Marketing & Growth who will oversee the firm’s growth and marketing strategy. As a key member of the executive team, you will help drive the growth of all aspects of the company. The ideal candidate will be an organized executor, a systematic and strategic thinker, able to multitask in a fast-paced environment with competing priorities. In this role you will coordinate marketing strategy across multiple projects, entities and brands. You will also build out a broad PR capability, as well as handle all of our marketing lists, sales funnels, and community development.


  • Strong marketing strategy skills (list, data, subscription management, CRM).
  • Social media strategy and management experience.
  • Experience working with media focused brands.
  • Brand management, promotion and advertising efforts to drive revenue, growth, user engagement, and build brand awareness/value.
  • Develop an overall marketing plan, drive campaigns and evolve strategic messaging based on metric driven results.
  • Replicate successful strategies at scale and in new markets.
  • Ability to identify roadblocks that are hampering growth for the business.
  • Understanding our customer base/target audience.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • A portfolio of successful growth implementations and interventions.
  • The ability to work with a variety of leaders and a wide range of individuals across the organization to execute business objectives.
  • 8+ years of relevant business experience.


New Founding is a media-focused venture devoted to supporting a pro-American economy, rebuilding a media universe that shares our values, and helping people live a more human life free from things like impersonal, globalized corporations, the hectoring assaults of woke tyrants, or the malicious manipulations of Big Tech. We do this primarily through a media group, a capital investments group, and a technology group. We are bringing together a team and the resources to create new media, technology, and commerce that serves and supports the American people—and we welcome you to join us.