Web hosting? What do you think of Right Forge?

I apologize if this has been brought up. I’m looking into web hosting. I’ve been paying Godaddy for over a decade for my domain and email and am fed up with their treatment of Christians and conservatives. I’m not even sure how they get away with shutting down websites. Hasn’t happened to me but I’ve noticed their prices go up over the years. I have to think to myself why am I supporting these left wing lunatic fascists? So I’ve been looking to transition my existing domain and email. I don’t have an actual website being my inventing has been on hold for years. Except for the slow progress of my usual tinkering. However, I have began to pursuit a lifelong dream in which I’m sure has very little chances. And yet what good would all these great designs be if I did not at least attempt? So I am looking for web hosting to start on this venture also.

So far I have found Right Forge to be the most promising. They won the contract for Trumps social media site. They appear to be pretty solid from the ground up without any third party radical leftists holding servers. I also like that they are heavy veteran promoting. Perhaps my own bias as a veteran. Sadly I have seen fellow veterans sell out their oaths. Yet overall I would argue there is still great strength in the conviction of honorable veterans. I am
welcome to other suggestions. Looking for something affordably priced, secure, some user friendliness with self website of a professional design/layout and well grounded in conservative principles of freedom across the board.


Zoho has good options and it integrates well with many other apps they offer for accounting, warehouse inventory management and all your typical cloud based storage and office type apps

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Several years ago a non-profit I worked for tried Zoho. The layout was fine, but we started having a major issue with pornographic and gambling spam, and there was no effective way to block this. Perhaps that has improved over the past couple years.

We bought domains through Namecheap and found them extremely easy to work with, plus their industry updates were strongly anti-censorship and pro-freedom.


Been thinking about epik. They appear to have a good track record of free speech. Anybody heard anything about them?

Hi Frank,
I use Epik for domain name registration and I am happy with them. I have listened to Rob Monster (owner) in interviews and he is a good guy.
Full disclosures:

  • they did have a security breach last year but it seems to have been minimal. I was not affected.
  • they did censor DailyStormer so he does have a cut-off point, but that point farther along in free speech than anyone else. I don’t think there is any better in that regard.

Also, I myself want to offer IT services and hope to build out a small datacenter as soon as I can.
I’ll just put that out there and I would be happy to talk about it.

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oh forgot -
I jumped from namecheap; Epik is closer to the interests here.
They do offer web hosting and it is probably decent

And fyi for my work, I want to offer broad cloud IT services, not just web hosting:

  • VMs
  • Docker containers ie. lambdas
  • backup services
  • etc

I wasn’t aware of who daily stormer was. It’s hard for me to look things up sometimes. The left describes everybody that doesn’t bend to their views as white supremacy. If they are actually supremacists then yeah, not going anywhere down that road nor do I have a problem with a private entity censoring them. Although I do believe as a public service you do have certain obligations. A bit crazy of a world we live in now.

Not a fan of Namecheap. I used them for email and I got a lot of spam. I followed the instructions for setting filters to block the spam, and it didn’t work. I moved my business email over to Zoho. I have had no issues thus far. I also use them for my video platform because I needed to move away from Zoom. Currently, I’m with Squarespace for hosting, and am looking for a better alternative. I’ll check out Zoho and Right Forge for that. Can anyone recommend a better alternative to Wix for website design? I moved over from WordPress which is a nightmare to navigate. I used Wix in the past and it was easy to use, but I’d prefer to be with a site that is pro-freedom. Thanks in advance!