Welcome to the New Founding Forum

A space for purposeful interaction.

The internet is reshaping our lives. Legacy online platforms, in addition to often-hostile political agendas, are designed to optimize for “engagement”—hooking users on activity without regard to its purpose or value.

Our goal is different. As a digital commonwealth, our purpose is to advance the common good of our members. Our forum is thus a place to bring together people who share this vision of the good for purposeful interaction. Though internet forums are today associated with general discussion, this name alludes to the original nature of forums: marketplaces serving as a center of public business. Here, that means a place of not just discussion, but of action-oriented interaction and commercial engagement. In sum, this digital space offers a place for us to come together to work on ways to advance a more human way of life.

We are building a real community, and thus encourage you to share as much as you can about yourself. Your profile lets you showcase information that may facilitate interaction—including employment, business collaboration, and more—with other members, or list information that remains private and helps us show you opportunities that match your interests. Even information without immediate application will help us organize new groups and projects built around common needs or interests.

Our forum may connect some people who quickly get projects off the ground or expand interaction offline. Other projects may benefit from extensive strategy discussions or planning while the right people are brought in or outside antecedents arrive. Finally, some discussions may involve problems likely to persist for decades. In all cases, we intend that our forum serves as a solution-focused space where talented and motivated people can come toward to advance our common interests.

Please post any questions or suggestions you have in this welcome category.