We've opened our wait list for Edpier's beta launch, a platform for homeschoolers

Hello everyone. Exciting news, we’ve opened our waitlist for the beta launch of Edpier. You can be one of the first users of this industry changing platform.

If you don’t know already, Edpier is a platform for parents and teachers to find/create local homeschool groups and classes.

Join our waitlist :point_right: https://www.edpier.com/
Join our Telegram group :point_right: Telegram: Join Group Chat

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Let’s talk about possible investment and/or advisory. I really like what you are doing from a tech perspective- and from a homeschooling one as well. Greatly encouraged by the growth in homeschooling! I reached back out via email [email protected]

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I sent you an email on the 19th of this month. Looking forward to your reply.