Your wish list for New Founding

I want this to be my new Amazon, even for groceries etc…


Perhaps a sub-group of communications professionals.


Yes!! I want to spend my money with non-woke businesses in my area, but I’d also be open to using a conservative Amazon-type business.


I think what is really needed is foundational internet infrastructure - basically a physical location with good connectivity to build out a small independent data center.


A full range of tech services from email to cloud storage to an office 365 competitor to web hosting etc. Payments as well.


Tim, something like this is in the works. Contact Paul for more info:
[email protected]


Some sort of job board for people looking for new work or relocate for new positions. In the near future there will be many government, contractor, and private company employees who for various reasons are not vaccinating and may want to make a change. Aside from this, many people in blue states wish to relocate but need work and community. LinkedIn is now woke I think there is a space for a conservative alternative.


Check out this site; Shares opportunities from patriotic and conservative organizations as well as companies that reject wokeness

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I am not sure how to best get Aligned Businesses to have a local/geo focus. For example, if you are looking for a conservative and good barber/hair salon owner, I know one in the Pittsburgh area. Sort of an Angie’s list for local service providers?


New Founding socials when?
Over morning coffee or after-work drinks would be fun - and super helpful for folks new in town who don’t yet have a local community or know the terrain.

The larger coworking spaces in DFW feature nice cafes/bars on-site that would do the trick.

Alternatively, hosting 'em at your go-to cafes or bars would help newbies get a feel for different neighborhoods.


Similar to the homeschool comments, a lot of homeschool moms make some side cash creating curricula, templates, etc and sell them through their website, Etsy, Teachers pay teachers, etc. a lot of these are using PayPal or other similar online payment systems. An aligned payment processor would be a boon for the “industry” and could be quite profitable, esp if they got on board with some of the bigger homeschool communities/curricula.

I think this would also be a fabulous way to help homeschooling families financially. Philanthropists who wanted to help homeschoolers could subsidize certain curricula or even a “pay it forward” like Angel Studios is doing with entertainment financing.


Love the beginning of the school conversation thus far. Just as important is getting edchoice options in place (especially ESAs), as this pulls money away from public school budgets and gives it to parents. AZ is out in front on this, TX needs to catch up. There’s high bipartisan support for this right now, which, if handled well, could be leveraged for broader alignment for free infrastructure.

I’m hearing orgs being denied bank accounts, so an aligned bank (or several) that’s secure turtles-all-the-way-down from woke market powers and govt regulations seems like a most urgent need, if it’s even possible. It would be a goldmine for whoever can get it right.

And a secure foundation for the new internet infrastructure–from basic access to platforms, etc. See some conversations on here in this direction that are way over my head, but a big part will be making whatever this ends up being accessible and easy for regular types like me. Seems like a goldmine here is waiting for whoever can make blockchain-based apps as easy to get onto and use as the biggest current platforms.

So, just a couple little things.


And to affirm what others have said, a super easy-to-use BBB of aligned businesses, apps, etc. 2nd vote is a good place to start, but should be redesigned for easy use and not fundraising and mission explanation.

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I would highly suggest a layer 2 - on top of bitcoin approach.

Privacy doesn’t exist with on-chain transactions.

This is something we’ll definitely be pursuing in some form.

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Crowd funding based businesses might be a hit as well. I wouldn’t mind becoming a “micro-investor” per-se in up and coming areas.


It’s an attractive space, but also one to be careful of. Some platforms operate in a regulatory gray area, and if we become a politically attractive target regulators are likely to use that to our disadvantage (and their career advantage) where others would get deference.


Can we have FL added to the list of states please?

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I was finally able to post, may be an initial glitch when new, thx.

Suggestion: A general category for discussing businesses and industries which could succeed (are financially viable) by specifically targeting and marketing to Red America - right-leaning Americans that are located in both blue and red states. This would open up the forum to people, such as myself, who do not have a significant understanding of how to use state government to help facilitate business, which is what I feel the Red State Strategy category is directed towards.

Topics which would be discussed could include:

  • What types of businesses could be successful specifically appealing to Red Americans and why

  • What industries or businesses are currently able to be disrupted, or market share taken, due to them alienating Red American consumers (ex: Gillette, Hollywood, Lululemon)

  • What are examples of successful businesses, or entities, that have appealed to Red America which we can study and use as a blue print for future ventures

  • What is the target market, demographic, and age cohort that exists (the actual target market) that makes a business idea viable and is it large enough for it to be financially and operationally viable (we have to consider how to finance these ventures without having to grow our target market to Blue America or go to Blue America for financing).

  • Etc.